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Construction jobs sometimes take Tucker Paving underground, too

Tucker Paving, Inc., got its start in November 1994 doing mostly above-ground work. It’s easy to guess that it involved constructing driveways, drives, parking lots, roads, and streets, with asphalt, concrete, and a variety of aggregates (rocks and such) as the primary materials.

As the years went by, the doors of opportunity increasingly opened for us to do site excavation and underground work, leading to our status today as a company that offers a wide variety of construction services.

In addition to holding Florida-certified Class A General Contractor licenses, Tucker Paving has a state-certified Underground Utilities Contractor License. This license shows that we meet the competency and other requirements necessary to construct underground water, wastewater, and stormwater systems for public and private customers, as well as water infiltration and exfiltration systems (as in retention ponds). We also meet the standards to do maintenance on existing underground water, sewer, and storm pipes, and systems that fall under the regulations imposed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (Swiftmud).

More specific than the Underground Utilities Contractor License is the Florida Fire Protection Class V Contractor License, also known as the Fire Line License. Tucker Paving also holds the Fire Line License, allowing us to fabricate, install, inspect, alter, repair, and service the underground piping for water-based fire-protection systems. We don’t install fire-suppression systems inside a building; we basically run the fire lines (water-supply lines) up to a building and let another contractor do the inside work.

In the construction business, it’s good to be licensed in a variety of fields. It’s smart business to be diversified and able to offer several construction services. Diversified is what we are here at Tucker Paving.

Offering Asphalt Services, Concrete Repairs, Site Work, Utility Maintenance, and More

Tucker Paving Inc. started in November 1994 — with two employees and borrowed equipment — as an asphalt and concrete paving company. Though that remains the core of what we do today, our services have expanded in 21 years to include site clearing, demolition, and excavation; underground utilities and utility maintenance; and hauling of aggregate materials. Continue reading Offering Asphalt Services, Concrete Repairs, Site Work, Utility Maintenance, and More

A Turn-Key Site Work, Utility, Paving, and Concrete Contractor

“Paving” is 50 percent of our name here at Tucker Paving, Inc., and it’s clearly a big part of what we do in the construction sector. But, it’s not all we do. In fact, some people often are quite surprised when they discover that our scope of services is quite large. Continue reading A Turn-Key Site Work, Utility, Paving, and Concrete Contractor