Tucker Paving Inc. started in November 1994 — with two employees and borrowed equipment — as an asphalt and concrete paving company. Though that remains the core of what we do today, our services have expanded in 21 years to include site clearing, demolition, and excavation; underground utilities and utility maintenance; and hauling of aggregate materials.

Even in the scope of paving, we’ve grown to become a multilayered company (pun intended), making the most of the people skills now available to us — we’re up to more than 150 employees — and abundant vehicles and machinery we now own.

Just in asphalt services, we do asphalt patching, overlay, and base work; striping and signage; asphalt speed tables (speed bumps); and parking lot sealant.

And in the business of concrete, our services include repair, sidewalks, curbing, driveways, miscellaneous concrete slabs and foundations, pavers, and retaining walls.

In addition, our early asphalt and concrete paving work led to recycling services. We recycle asphalt and concrete on our own jobs and for our own use and also do that for other companies. We accept clean concrete and asphalt for recycling and then offer the pulverized aggregate for sale.

Looking back over Tucker Paving’s two-decade-plus history, it’s really quite amazing to realize the business growth that was achieved through service expansion and diversification. It goes to show anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit and a “can-do” attitude that a company that starts small, with just a couple of services, doesn’t have to stay small forever.