“Paving” is 50 percent of our name here at Tucker Paving, Inc., and it’s clearly a big part of what we do in the construction sector. But, it’s not all we do. In fact, some people often are quite surprised when they discover that our scope of services is quite large.

If Tucker Paving had a mention in the dictionary, our definition would go something like this: “A turn-key site work, utility, paving, and concrete contractor specializing in industrial, commercial, private, and residential site work.”

Behind the definition, describing who we are, are the details of what we do. Our services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Underground utilities— water, sewer, storm, fire line, infiltration/ex-filtration systems;
  • Construction layout and as-builts;
  • Site clearing and demolition;
  • Asphalt base and pavement;
  • Concrete curbing, paving, sidewalks, foundations, and slabs;
  • Site excavation;
  • Hauling of aggregate materials; and
  • Facility maintenance with asphalt patching, asphalt resurfacing, asphalt sealing, existing water/sewer/storm pipe maintenance, and maintenance pertaining to SWFWMD (Southwest Florida Water Management District) regulations.

Tucker Paving holds a state of Florida-certified “Class A” General Contractor’s License, a state-certified Underground Utilities License, and a “Class V” Florida Fire Line License.

Our construction work generally is concentrated within an 80-mile radius of our Winter Haven office, but we don’t have any fixed boundaries. Our team will go where and when required to meet the needs of our valued clients.