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High school grads: Get construction training and you’ll be in high demand

IT’S GRADUATION TIME for college and university students, and soon the area’s high school seniors will follow with their own march to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance.” Many of these teenage candidates for graduation already have a good idea about what they want to do in life — what they want to have as a career. It might be safe to say, though, that as many or more seniors have absolutely no clue what they want to do as a grown-up. For this latter group, we have a suggestion: Construction. Consider a career in the challenging but well-paying, wide-ranging, and rewarding field of construction. Continue reading High school grads: Get construction training and you’ll be in high demand

A source of optimism: Activities are ramping up at the theme parks we’ve helped

MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES of Tucker Paving often can be found at one or more of Central Florida’s top-draw theme parks — on company time no less. It’s OK, though. That’s the way we want it to be when we’re doing work at the attractions, many of which have become regular clients of our company (a circumstance for which we’re very grateful). Continue reading A source of optimism: Activities are ramping up at the theme parks we’ve helped

The world of concrete is an interesting one

“ROADS, REPAIRS, sidewalks, curbs, slabs, foundations, walls, driveways, paving and pavers, and more. Team Tucker Paving knows concrete. Call 863-299-2262.”

That’s the message that was delivered to Central Florida — and well beyond — in a recent post to the Tucker Paving Facebook site. Excellent concrete work, something we take pride in here at Tucker Paving, requires considerable of knowledge and skill, and we’re fortunate that our team members have a lot of both. Continue reading The world of concrete is an interesting one

WH Hospital Foundation and Florida Special Olympics: Causes worth supporting

THE PEOPLE, the businesses and the government bodies of Winter Haven, Polk County and Central Florida have been very good to Tucker Paving, Inc., since our company’s founding in November 1994. So, with a sense of gratitude, we count it an honor and a privilege when we’re able, in kind, to help out local organizations and causes when the opportunities present themselves and the causes are good and just and mesh well with our company values. Continue reading WH Hospital Foundation and Florida Special Olympics: Causes worth supporting

2005 industry honor for Tucker Paving was special indeed

IT’S ALWAYS NICE when a company is recognized for its growth, it’s business achievements, and its contributions to the local economy, business sector, and community as a whole. It’s nice when our company, Tucker Paving, Inc., is recognized. Continue reading 2005 industry honor for Tucker Paving was special indeed

Tucker Paving’s special take on ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’

AS THIS ARTICLE goes up on the Tucker Paving blog site, it is the 13th day of December 2017, leaving 12 days to go until The Big Day — Christmas Day.

That reminds us of a holiday song — one that we now won’t get out of our head for quite some time. That would be “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” of course. You know… the one that drives home the point — a dozen times — about a very special partridge in a pear tree. Continue reading Tucker Paving’s special take on ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’

Tucker Paving all aboard the Toys for Tots train; program has an interesting tale

TUCKER PAVING is all aboard the Toys for Toys train this year. Team members are working hard to help a greater number of the area’s more needy children have a bright and happy Christmas. Continue reading Tucker Paving all aboard the Toys for Tots train; program has an interesting tale

We’re counting blessings in an extra-special week for Tucker Paving

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” — Aesop

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

THIS ARTICLE is a special milestone — No. 100 in the continuing series of articles on the Tucker Paving website blog. We didn’t exactly plan it this way, but the article comes during an extra-special week for the nation and for this company.

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, of course, but it’s also anniversary week for Tucker Paving. The company was founded — incorporated — on Monday, Nov. 21, 1994. Continue reading We’re counting blessings in an extra-special week for Tucker Paving

We’re taught and we experience that giving is grand

Many folks look forward to the Christmas season because of all the things they might get. Others look forward to the season and all the opportunities to give.

In the end, the folks focused more on giving usually end up happier and more blessed. The Good Book tells us that (Acts 20:35), but life and experience and all of those warm and fuzzy feelings tell us that, too.

We at Tucker Paving encourage everyone — friends, relatives, colleagues, and businesses of all kinds — to search for opportunities to give during the holidays and throughout the year. It’s not difficult at all to find a worthy cause. There are so many ways to help, so many people to help, and so many wonderful charitable endeavors to support. Those of us who are blessed — and, really, most of us are — can give our time, our talents, our money, and our other tangible resources to help improve individual lives, to help make families stronger, and, in extreme cases, to help the most vulnerable among us survive from day to day.

On the matter of giving, management wants Tucker Paving to be a company that sets a good business and community example. Through financial contributions, staff volunteerism, or perhaps just a simple mention on our online social media sites, here are some of the community and charitable organizations, activities, and causes we hope we boosted at least little bit in 2016:

• Polk County Public Schools
• Central Florida Construction Career Days
• American Heart Month (American Heart Association)
• Citrus Center Boys and Girls Clubs
• Taste of Winter Haven
• Rinker School of Construction Career Fair (University of Florida)
• Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club (Antique Engine & Tractor Show)
• Florida Special Olympics
• 25th Annual Chain of Lakes Challenge golf tournament
• The (Winter Haven) Banker’s Cup Award
• Southeastern Guide Dogs Walk-a-Thon
• Central Florida Leadership Forum
• All Saints’ Academy (Winter Haven)
• 2016 Haines City Economic Summit
• Our Children’s Academy (Lake Wales)
• Earth Day 2016
• Polk State College Foundation (Clays for Courts)
• Winter Haven Hospital Foundation (Fore the Love tournaments)
• Elbert Elementary School (Winter Haven)
• 2016 Hurricane Expo (Auburndale)
• American Red Cross (CPR training)
• Lake Alfred Chamber of Commerce
• Winter Haven Area Chamber of Commerce
• BCN Career Fair (University of Florida)
• University of North Florida (Computing, Engineering & Construction Employer Showcase)
• American Red Cross (following Hurricane Matthew)
• International Red Cross (following Hurricane Matthew)
• Salvation Army (following Hurricane Matthew)
• World Vision (following Hurricane Matthew)
• Project Care Outreach (Lakeland)
• Project Park Bench 2016
• “Pay It Forward: Perform a Random Act of Kindness”
• Law Offices of Elizabeth P. Davis (holiday toy roundup for Polk County foster children)

Tucker Paving team members always want to be No. 1 in everything we do and provide — our construction bids, the quality of our work, our on-time performance, our customer service and satisfaction, our promises kept, and more — but if another business tops us in giving, in philanthropy, in volunteering, or in community involvement, our feathers aren’t ruffled. Too much. We can live with that, because, in the end, people are helped and all of us are better off for it.

Tucker Paving team members go back to school for Great American Teach-In

On Nov. 15, three Tucker Paving team members went back to the school — all the way back to elementary school.

Following an invitation from Elbert Elementary School in Winter Haven, Ray Curtis, Shawn Signore and Mack Banner represented our company during the school’s annual Great American Teach-In event.

The Teach-In was a great opportunity to teach a bunch of local youngsters about the wonderful world of construction — road construction, in particular. Ray, Shawn, and Mack arrived at the school with lots of show-and-tell items, including hard hats, bright yellow safety vests, orange safety cones and a variety of traffic work zone safety signs, with one of our many ROAD WORK AHEAD signs among them.

At one point during the Teach-In, in a fun bit of learning for the kids (and in a fun bit of teaching by our guys), several of the students pretended to be vehicles traveling through a road construction site and responding to a flagman’s instructions, using signs on a pole, to STOP or go SLOW. (See the three photos we posted Nov. 28 to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tuckerpaving.)

If you’re only vaguely familiar with the Great American Teach-In, it’s an opportunity to connect classrooms to community — a chance for community members and business representatives to visit local schools, share what they do and how and why they do it, and share how their schooling helped them to achieve success.

The Great American Teach-In is held in schools all across the country each year as part of American Education Week, celebrated each November in the week prior to Thanksgiving week. Next year, in 2017, American Education Week will be observed Nov. 13-17. If you’d like a team from Tucker Paving to visit your school for the Great American Teach-In, give us a call at 863-299-2262 and we’ll see what we can work out.