MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES of Tucker Paving often can be found at one or more of Central Florida’s top-draw theme parks — on company time no less. It’s OK, though. That’s the way we want it to be when we’re doing work at the attractions, many of which have become regular clients of our company (a circumstance for which we’re very grateful).

With the national economy in better shape, more people working, and the Sunshine State drawing visitors in record numbers, the theme park operators are in a building mood and most of the parks are in expansion mode. Almost daily, the Central Florida newspapers and business journals have a least one headline telling us or hinting to us about a new theme park ride, show, guest service, themed hotel, or even a major expansion project.

What follows are just a few of the many attraction-related headlines we’ve seen lately and the links to the articles that go with them. We find all of this interesting and, from a business standpoint, a source of optimism. It’s good to see companies from the theme park and other industries display, for all to read about and perhaps even see, a renewed bullish attitude about the U.S. and Florida economies and a willingness to invest in their own properties, products, and services. We hope you find this interesting and a boost to your optimism, too.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the compilation of the latest goings-on at the major Central Florida attractions. We’ll see you at the theme parks!