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We’re looking forward to a meet-up with other transportation builders

THE 2018 Florida Transportation Builders Association (FBTA) Convention is coming up quickly, and it won’t happen without representation from Tucker Paving, Inc., and our new sister company, Jet Materials, LLC. (You can learn about Jet at https://jetmaterialsllc.com/.) About five team members from each of the two companies are registered to attend the convention, and word has it that our group from Tucker Paving will be coming back with a couple of nice awards. (We won’t spill the beans about the awards in this blog; we’ll save that news for a future article.) Continue reading We’re looking forward to a meet-up with other transportation builders

By way of FDOT, Central Florida’s Polk County falls into Southwest Florida

WHEN IS POLK COUNTY, located right in the heart of Central Florida and the home county for Tucker Paving, not considered to be in Central Florida? That would be when the Florida Department of Transportation is in charge of boundaries. Continue reading By way of FDOT, Central Florida’s Polk County falls into Southwest Florida

FDOT traces its interesting history back to 1915

IT WOULDN’T, OR SHOULDN’T, be a surprise to learn that, through the years, Tucker Paving, Inc., has done its fair share of roadwork for or in association with the Florida Department of Transportation. For a government agency, that’s a mouthful for a name, so most people refer to it as “F-D-O-T” or “F-DOT.” That helps to distinguish it from its federal counterpart, the U.S. Department of Transportation (‘D-O-T”). Continue reading FDOT traces its interesting history back to 1915

Versatility works for Tucker Paving


Employers like it in the folks who work for them and the candidates they interview for job vacancies. Public and private organizations like it in construction companies when it’s time to award bids to build roads, buildings, and utility infrastructure.

Tucker Paving, Inc., got its start in late 1994 primarily as a paving company — our name sort of gives that away — but through the years we’ve taken on quite a variety of construction jobs and developed a reputation as an honest and reliable company that does consistently high-quality and on-time work.

Like “honest,” “reliable,” and “quality,” “versatile” is an adjective that describes our company — and our employees — very well.

We have worked on large private projects — theme parks, subdivisions, hospitals, and jobs for national builders.

We have worked on public-sector projects — roads and work for the Florida Department of Transportation; and jobs for cities, counties, and school boards.

We have worked on small projects — from mini warehouses to small businesses and churches.

We have worked on underground utilities, including repairs to stormwater and wastewater systems.

At Tucker Paving, we pride ourselves on being able to self-perform site clearing, site grading, subgrade stabilization, base work, asphalt paving, underground utility work, and concrete curb, sidewalk, slab, and tie-beam construction.

Having all these capabilities — this versatility — enables our construction company to have total control over the schedule and quality of each project we’re fortunate and grateful to have.

Good careers and job opportunities within the construction industry

In various locations throughout Central Florida each year, and at various times, construction-related organizations sponsor special events to showcase for high school students the many career options and job opportunities within the construction industry. One such event — a big one — was the Central Florida Construction Career Days, held Jan. 28 and 29 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando. CCD Central Florida, at it’s known, is one of four regional CCDs now held annually. The newest one, CCD Tampa, is set for April 13. (See the details at 222.ccdfl.com.)

Each CCD — sponsored primarily by the Florida Department of Transportation, contractors and construction associations — gets better and more exciting each year, with the highlights being the hands-on learning labs for students. The recent CCD Central Florida included more than two dozen learning labs, featuring everything from Geotechnical Engineering and Survey/GPS to Bridge Building 101 and Asphalt Cookies (something right up Tucker Paving’s alley).

Construction is such a broad and rewarding career field, and the CCDs help to show that. There are so many specialties and subspecialties in construction — from laying block to laying asphalt. There’s literally something for everyone. Even if you’re not out in the field doing work with your hands or operating heavy machinery, you can provide very important and valuable construction support in an office setting.

Close to home, we can recommend two excellent places for primary training in a variety of construction-related trades. This training, which often leads directly to very good jobs, is offered by two Polk County public schools — Ridge Career Center (www.ridge.edu) in Winter Haven and Traviss Career Center (www.traviss.edu) in Lakeland. If you think that the construction industry might be a good fit for you, be sure to check out the career center websites for program options. The education you build on today very well could lead to building roads and bridges tomorrow.