With their reduced speeds and greater congestion, construction zones can be a headache for motorists. Unfortunately, they pose an even bigger risk of injury and even death for the workers behind the yellow cones.

According to data from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, in 2019 there were 762 fatal crashes in work zones in the U.S. with 135 worker fatalities. Motorists shouldn’t just be concerned with worker fatalities alone; those crashes involved 133 pedestrian fatalities and 842 motorist fatalities. Additionally, crashes involving injuries or vehicle damage for 2019 alone reached 115,000 work zone collisions. Ensuring a safe driving experience while traveling through a construction zone is in everyone’s best interest.

Tips for Safe Driving Through a Construction Zone
Safety for both construction zone workers and motorists traveling through a work zone is the first priority. When traveling through a construction zone, make sure to:

  • Slow Down. The speed limit in construction zones when workers aren’t present is typically 55 mph, and it can be much lower if workers are present. Traveling at a slower speed is necessary to be able to read the orange work zone signage, adjust to changing lane patterns, merge for closed lanes, and more. Slowing down gives drivers more time to react and drive in a safe manner.
  • Follow Signage. Orange signs, cones, barrels, barricades, arrows, and more direct motorists to lane closures and new traffic patterns, and they must be followed for both the safety of motorists and those working behind the barricades.
  • Follow the Directions of Flaggers. When traffic needs to be stopped or redirected, a flagger is often used to control traffic. Their directions should be followed without question.
  • Pay Attention. A construction zone includes heavy machinery, construction vehicles, loud noise, and hot or dangerous materials. Drivers need to be aware to be able to react quickly to anything that may go amiss.

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