Constructing concrete curbs is an involved process that is important to the quality and longevity of the finished product.

Concrete curbs are an important component of any roadway, and they play a vital role in any road design. They create a barrier between the roadway and pedestrian areas like sidewalks, they direct the flow of water runoff and more. Constructing concrete curbs is an involved process that must be done correctly to ensure the curbs are strong and will last for a long time. See all that goes into constructing concrete curbs below.

Details of Constructing a Concrete Curb

The steps that go into constructing concrete curb are very similar to those that go into constructing roads. The first step is to create a subgrade to make a uniform and strong foundation for the concrete curb. This includes the placement of underground utilities and drainage features. It is usually the most economical and efficient to prepare both road and curb subgrades at the same time, but a curb subgrade can be created separately.

Once the subgrade is compacted and complete, either curb forms or slipform curb equipment is used to create the curb itself. Curb forms are wooden or metal setups that wet concrete is poured into to create the shape of the desired curb. Slipform curb equipment, also referred to as a curb machine, is a piece of extruder equipment that pushes concrete fed into the machine out to create a concrete curb in the desired place and shape. In some instances, reinforcing steel is utilized and positioned during the placement of curb forms or during the use of a curb machine.

If curb forms are used, a “low slump” concrete is poured into the forms. The concrete is then consolidated and shaped, and this can be done by machine or by hand. Depending upon the current temperatures, humidity levels, and weather, concrete may also need to be cured in order for the curb to dry strong and durable.

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