Construction Inclusion Week was held October 17th-21st, and it’s an important focus for Tucker Paving and for every corner of the construction industry. According to the Construction Inclusion Week website, the week is a time to “harness the collective power of general contractors, specialty contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Our objective is to build awareness of the need to improve diversity and inclusion in the construction industry by providing content and resources.” We at Tucker Paving know that diversity and inclusion are not only the right choice, but they benefit everyone from our company and our employees to our customers and our community. 

What Construction Inclusion Week Means to Us

Tucker Paving is a family business, and that means that our employees are part of that family. They work hard day in and day out to further our reputation and our legacy. Everyone has an important role to play, and we respect our employees’ efforts and value their contributions.

The benefits of diversity and inclusion are numerous and far-reaching beyond representation for representation’s sake. For instance, we have seen productivity go up when diversity and inclusion became part of our company climate. When employees feel valued and appreciated in all areas, they are happy to “give their all” on a daily basis.

Similarly, another benefit of focusing on diversity and inclusion as a whole company is improved retention. Again, when an employee feels secure and supported in the company, they are less likely to look elsewhere for employment.

Even better, having a company culture that truly focuses on diversity and inclusion fosters innovation because there are so many more perspectives and backgrounds that get added into the mix of ideas. Any company that ignores the need to foster the roles of minorities and women is limiting the company’s scope and future possibilities.

All of these factors together create another benefit—increased profitability. A company with a culture of diversity and inclusion gets increased productivity, a seasoned workforce that sticks around, and more good ideas and problem-solving, which all lead to a better bottom line. At the end of the day, having a true company-wide focus on diversity and inclusion—and not just simply paying lip service to representation—creates benefits for employees, clients, and the business itself.

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