A construction estimator is an invaluable asset to a construction team. There are many variables that go into a construction project, and it’s necessary to estimate and plan for those variables as much as possible to ensure that a construction project remains on time and on budget. That’s where a construction estimator comes in.

At Tucker Paving, we offer pre-construction services to our clients to provide a complete, accurate and detailed site construction proposals. Explore everything a construction estimator does, and why having on one the team is necessary.

Construction Estimator Defined
Construction estimators evaluate the costs that go into a construction project, analyzing all the different variables, and preparing estimates for the costs of the project. Variables that are evaluated for cost might include the costs of materials, labor and equipment, and subcontractors. Construction estimators will also set up cost monitoring and reporting systems and procedures to track costs, such as preparing cost/expenditure statements and forecasts throughout the project.

Construction estimators work closely with engineers, architects, owners, contractors and subcontractors, and anyone else related to the construction project to create estimates and create cost-monitoring reports. Good communication, strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and solid math skills are all necessary components of an effective construction estimator.

The Value of a Construction Estimator
The skills a construction estimator brings to a construction project are invaluable. They ensure that a project remains within budget and is completed on-time as much as possible. Without an estimator, projects can go off the rails as unforeseen complications, costs, and other hurdles arise.

Most construction estimators learn their skills through on-the-job training. The math and processes used can be taught, but the intuitive sense needed to be a great construction estimator comes from experience. Most construction estimators have years of experience in a variety of different roles in the construction industry, giving them the skills and experience to be able to forecast the needs and possible roadblocks of a construction project.

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