Hurricanes are an ever-present eventuality in The Sunshine State; it’s not if a major storm will hit, but when. Tucker Paving has been in the paving construction industry in Central Florida for nearly 30 years, and we have a lot of experience with the damage that hurricanes can cause. Thankfully, the state has building codes that are designed to minimize hurricane damage as much as possible. Make sure you know and understand these Florida building codes in and out!

Florida Hurricane Building Codes

Updated Florida building codes were created with the release of the 7th Edition Florida Building Code in 2020 so that structures would be more likely to withstand the damaging conditions that can accompany hurricanes, namely high winds and flying debris. Code requirements can vary depending on where in the state you are located and due to additional local codes. 

Florida has been broken into a number of zones that determine which of the Florida building codes must be followed. These zones include:

  • Coastal Mean High-Water Line (MHWL). The MHWL is where tidal lines are used as the coastal boundary. Structures that are within a mile of the MHWL and could be subjected to 110 mph wind speeds during hurricanes have a stricter set of building codes.
  • High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). The HVHZs are zones for areas that are at high risk for hurricane landings. 
  • Wind-Borne Debris Regions (WBDR). WBDRs are areas where the basic wind speed of a hurricane could reach 140 mph or greater.

Building codes apply to new builds and usually apply to repairs and alterations as well. In general, heightened Florida building codes apply to roofs and windows and doors. They may require the use of more durable materials, additional fasteners and/or nails, anchors, and more.

See the 7th Edition Florida Building Code here, which includes analyses of changes and differences from the prior edition of the Florida building code. Building codes are released every three years, so revisions to the current code are currently underway. You can find materials related to the 2023 update here.

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