Concrete and asphalt aggregate have a variety of uses in the construction industry, many of which you are likely very familiar with.

At Tucker Paving, Inc., concrete and asphalt aggregates are our bread and butter. We utilize both concrete and asphalt aggregate for a variety of uses and projects, and we also recycle clean concrete and asphalt as part of the renewable life cycle of these materials.

See all the uses for concrete and asphalt aggregates, and familiarize yourself with these versatile construction materials.

Concrete and Asphalt Aggregates Defined

You may wonder what, exactly, an aggregate is. The term means any granular material that is mixed with a medium like concrete or asphalt, such as crushed rock, gravel, recycled concrete, and sand, to be used in the construction and maintenance of a variety of rigid structures.

Uses of concrete and asphalt aggregates include:

  • Roads and highways
  • Walkways and sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Airport runways

Aggregates can range from coarse texture—such as crushed rock—all the way to fine textures—such as sand—to fit the needs of the construction project. The purpose of aggregates is to improve concrete mixes, adding many benefits over the use of a cementing medium alone.

Benefits of Using Concrete and Asphalt Aggregates

Adding aggregates to concrete or asphalt offers many advantages.
Among these, they:

  • Make concrete mixes more compact
  • Lower the consumption of concrete of water
  • Lower production costs
  • Add to the mechanical strength of the concrete or asphalt
  • Decrease the permeability of concrete and increase its water resistance
  • Modifies the heat retention values of concrete

The size, shape, and composition of aggregates all affect the finished product, so it takes an expert analysis to choose the right concrete or asphalt aggregate to meet our customers’ needs.

At Tucker Paving, Inc., we are proud to be part of the important recycling process that concrete and asphalt go through, as such materials can often be recycled and reused as aggregates.

Call Barret Tucker or contact us online if you need recycling services or if you need to purchase recycled concrete or asphalt aggregate materials.