Among the services offered by Tucker Paving are design-build assistance services. This means that if your project is over budget or otherwise not designed to your preferred specifications, we have the knowledge and resources on hand to come up with effective solutions for you. Design-build and design-assist are slightly different services, however, and we’d like to clarify the difference now.

Build Versus Assist in Design Services

When Tucker Paving does a design-build project, we are starting from the very beginning with the client. This means that we are involved in every step of the designing of the project, working with the client and any pertinent partners, such as architects, electricians, or other contractors. We’ll make sure that everything is up to code and within budget. 

On a design-assist project, the client comes to Tucker Paving with some amount of planning already completed. It could be entirely designed already, or a work in progress being primarily designed by another company. Either way, the client trusts Tucker Paving to weigh in on feasibility, efficiency, and other aspects of the project’s design. Our engineering team can evaluate the plans and make relevant suggestions to keep the project on schedule and within budget. 

This flexibility in the design process allows our clients to work closely with whatever companies they believe will best serve their needs. Tucker Paving is a team-oriented company, and we always have our clients’ preferences at the forefront of our approach. At the end of the day, we want you to be completely satisfied with the work you’re having done.

Tucker Paving Can Design For You

When you’re considering which company to have design your next project, remember that Tucker Paving offers a multi-stage approach that allows you to streamline the process while maintaining control over your investment. This provides great value for your time and money.