TUCKER PAVING’S consistently excellent work safety record continues to get widespread notice and billing as a top model for all construction-related enterprises to emulate.

Just recently, Tucker Paving was the focus of a four-page feature article, titled “Sworn to Safety,” in a magazine produced by WorkComp Solutions. WorkComp Solutions is a Florida provider of workers compensation insurance, workers comp policy and claim management, and workers compensation recovery services.

The article leads with this: “Tucker Paving may be known as an expert in the site construction industry, but this company also has safety down to a science — and their numbers prove it.”

As of the article’s writing, Tucker Paving’s more than 260 team members had logged more than 1.73 million hours without missing time due to a workplace injury. Putting that into perspective, the article states: “That’s more than 40 months, or almost three and a half years!”

Even with those great safety statistics, the article rightly states that we’re not resting on our laurels — that we’re always looking for ways to improve our safety training, procedures, best practices, and employee mind-set.

As our company president, Larry “Chip” Tucker, stated for the article: “We’re always looking at what other companies are doing with safety and injury management. Sometimes our contractors have great ideas and make us better. Sometimes we learn from them and sometimes they learn from us.”

The article points out that the safety foundation and focus here at Tucker Paving comes with four underpinnings:

  • Creating the right culture.

  • Investing in industry-specific training.

  • Managing injuries aggressively.

  • Watching and learning from others.

According to Terry Tucker, our vice president for Safety, “Safety has to become habitual, like brushing your teeth. Your employees should put on their vests, boots and hard hats not because someone’s reminding them, but because it’s just second nature.”

For the complete “Sworn to Safety” article, you can visit here and download the four-page PDF file.