We mentioned the following in a brief Facebook post not long ago, but with more space here, there’s a chance to expand on the topic a bit.

Whenever we hear about the success of the LEGOLAND Florida Resort, on the site of the former Cypress Gardens attraction in Winter Haven, and all the great things happening there, it pleases us to think back on Tucker Paving’s role in the theme park’s construction. It’s safe to say that everyone on our company team feels really good about the job we did for LEGOLAND and its parent company, Merlin Entertainments, and we remain grateful for the business and work opportunities we had there.

We say “opportunities” because we actually did two big rounds of work at the theme park— the first before LEGOLAND Florida opened to the public on Oct. 15, 2011, and the second in early 2014.

The initial job included many types of construction work for Tucker Paving— site clearing; demolitions; excavation; putting in underground piping; building stormwater, sewer, and fire-line utility systems; and asphalt paving. And what a success all of it turned out to be! We completed our work in fine order and well in time for LEGOLAND’S big grand-opening celebration.

The next time we visited the LEGOLAND site for construction, it was in February 2014. The task was to build an additional parking lot for theme park employees. The work included total site development of stormwater utilities, constructing pervious-material parking spaces (for good water drainage), and putting in asphalt drives and concrete curbing and sidewalks.

The management and team members at LEGOLAND were great to work with in both of these construction projects, and we look forward to having another opportunity to work with them at some point down the road.