Commercial construction is a major industry. Take a look at the trends that are carrying the industry into the future.

Commercial construction is a major industry in the US, and it’s booming! Forecasts have it going strong into the future, and there are several trends that will contribute to and help shape the direction of the industry. Explore what trends you will see in the commercial construction industry in the next coming months and years.

Upcoming Commercial Construction Trends

Many of the construction trends in commercial construction that will be seen—or continue to be seen—revolve around the need the industry has for workers.

Trends include:

  • Technology and Automation. Constructions workers worried about robots taking all of their jobs need not worry; trends in technology and automation will be focused on supporting workers and working in tandem with workers, such as helping to relieve repetitive activities, lift heavy loads, or improve production times. There are few tasks in any construction sector that can be done entirely with an automated machine. This is geared toward shoring up the shortage in the workforce, improve production, reduce costs, and—best yet—improving safety for employees.
  • Offsite Building and Modular Construction. Both offsite building—constructing building elements somewhere other than the job site and then transporting them for final construction—and modular construction—made of prefabricated sections or “modules”—are aimed at dealing with worker shortages, improving efficiency and timelines, and saving costs. Both areas have seen improvements and developments—higher building capabilities with modular construction for instance—and will continue to do so.
  • Growth of Design-Build. Builders and customers alike are finding that having one company design and build their concept is more efficient, cost-effective, and time-effective than the design-bid-build model.
  • Attracting “Gen Z” Workers. The construction industry is always looking for ways to attract new employees, and the industry will soon be turning its efforts away from Millennials—those ages 23 to 38—and focusing it on Generation Z—those currently 9 to 22. Research shows that those in Gen Z don’t want to be saddled with college debt like Millennials. The immediate, lucrative nature of the construction industry could be very appealing.

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