Technology continues to evolve in virtually every aspect of our lives, and the construction industry is no exception. You may not realize it, but even asphalt paving has had its share of advances in technology over the years. As pros in the paving industry, Tucker Paving makes it a point to keep up with what’s new in asphalt technology.

The Latest Advances in Asphalt
Tucker Paving has been in business since 1994, and in that time, we’ve already seen some fascinating improvements in the way asphalt is prepared and put down.

  • Premium asphalt starts at the plant. Gone are the days of asphalt being made the same way for every location. Climate plays a big role in the durability of a paved surface and is now taken into consideration during the asphalt manufacturing process. Quality testing is more prevalent as well.
  • Site preparation. Laser-guided transits have replaced the traditional site glass and plumb bob method of determining site slopes. This ensures a higher degree of accuracy for drainage. The machines used for removing old asphalt have also improved greatly.
  • Stabilizing the sub-base. Whereas previously all projects started with a sub-base being laid and compacted with no way to check that the sub-base was structurally sound throughout, now nuclear density testing can determine the solidity of the base and surface. Correcting compromised sub-base is also more efficient and effective now, utilizing fabric or geo-grid to provide shallow support, rather than having to dig down several feet to rill the area with aggregate.
  • Preventative maintenance. These days, the value of preventative maintenance is more recognized. Crack filling and sealcoating can drastically extend the lifespan of a paved asphalt surface.


For Lasting Results…
Tucker Paving uses the most up-to-date technology and best practices to provide our customers with paved surfaces that will stand up to the test of time. Give us a call for all of your commercial and residential paving needs.