It’s that time of year where we look back to assess the past year, and when we look ahead to the coming year. Each new year brings a slew of construction trends that dominate the industry; see those that are forecast to be at the forefront of 2024.

Construction Trends for 2024

  1. Technology in Equipment. Technology continues to integrate into the construction industry, and it’s predicted that tech will find its way into a lot of the equipment you’re familiar with on your jobsite. You’ll see technology in your PPE making you safer, in your vehicles to keep track of locations and status, and in your tools and machinery to minimize waste. Tech will also be integrated to better keep track of a project, cut wasted time, and to improve collaboration amongst stakeholders. Start now in searching out tech that will benefit your operation!
  2. A Focus on Safety. Many statistics are showing an increase in injuries and fatalities; no one likes hearing that more workers are being hurt or worse than the year prior, especially the powers that be in safety organizations like OSHA. Expect increased inspections, revised safety standards that are more stringent, and more aggressive enforcement of safety standards. 
  3. A Demand for Green Building. As ecofriendly materials and methods for building become more mainstream and affordable, there will be an increase in demand for those materials and building methods. See where in your operation you can offer a more ecofriendly option.
  4. Supply Chain Challenges. This is a trend that is a holdover from the pandemic and will likely last past 2024. Expect to have issues with supplies and materials, and plan now on how to mitigate those issues.
  5. A Lack of Skilled Workers. This is another trend that is not new; a lack of a robust workforce has plagued the construction industry for some time now. Employers are reporting the biggest problem is the lack of skilled employees—those employees who already have some of the expertise needed to complete a job. Now is a good time to collaborate with trade schools to create an apprenticeship pipeline for students to move from school to graduation to your company. Another option is to identify those employees who are already on your workforce that should be trained to increase their skill set on the job.

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