An asphalt driveway can last a long time, but proper maintenance is needed to ensure its longevity. Sealcoating is a part of asphalt driveway maintenance that must be completed in a timely manner. Sealcoating involves applying a protective coating over your existing asphalt driveway; this seals the asphalt and protects your driveway from damage from dirt, water, chemicals, and UV rays. Sealcoating also immediately boosts the curb appeal of your home. At Tucker Paving, we have over 25 years of experience in the asphalt and concrete paving industry, and we know how beneficial sealcoating is to the longevity of your asphalt driveway. Take our questionnaire to determine if you need to sealcoat your driveway.

Sealcoating Questionnaire

  1. Has it been more than five years since your asphalt driveway was last sealcoated or since it was installed?
    If you answered “yes,” then it’s time to sealcoat your asphalt driveway. Florida’s rainy season, high humidity, and constant UV rays from the sun all take a toll on asphalt, and that means that your driveway should be sealcoated at least every 5 years. Some driveways may need sealcoating more often due to factors like full sunshine and irrigation issues. 
  2. Does your asphalt driveway have cracks, potholes, and/or crumbling asphalt?
    If you answered “yes,” then sealcoating is definitely in order. However, depending upon the severity of your driveway’s problems, sealcoating may not be enough. Your driveway may require patching, resurfacing, or even replacement. An expert in asphalt pavement like Tucker Paving will best be able to assess the needs of your asphalt driveway.
  3. Do you want your asphalt driveway to look as good as it did the day it was installed?
    If you answered “yes,” then sealcoating will give you that curb appeal you’re after. All asphalt fades with time and wear, and sealcoating will return it to that sleek, dark black surface just like brand new. Sealcoating will also cover any stains your asphalt driveway may have picked up.
  4. Do you want to extend the life of your asphalt driveway and save money on having a new driveway installed?
    If you answered “yes,” then you should have your driveway sealcoated at least every 5 years. This extends the lifespan of your asphalt driveway under the rule of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
  5. Do you want to buy a lot of expensive tools and machinery and then get really dirty sealcoating your own asphalt driveway?
    It you answered “no,” then hire paving pros like Tucker Paving to get your driveway sealcoated!

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