Porous asphalt is a good choice for many driveways and parking lots. The trick is keeping it clean.

Porous asphalt is becoming more popular. People like it because it is cost efficient, eco-friendly, and the EPA considers it a best practice. What makes porous asphalt different is the fact that it has tiny holes throughout it to allow water to seep through it into the soil below. This helps prevent pooling after storms. Porous asphalt does require maintenance to keep it looking and working like new.

If anybody knows asphalt, it’s the crew here at Tucker Paving! Here are some tips for keeping your porous asphalt in top condition.

The first thing to remember is that debris will clog the holes in the porous asphalt. In a home driveway this is mainly leaves and dirt, but in a commercial parking lot this could also include trash and litter. A weekly sweeping is generally sufficient for a home driveway. A parking lot may need cleaned daily or a couple of times a week. Judgement should be used to determine how often a parking lot needs to be cleaned.

Power Wash
The second thing a porous asphalt driveway or parking needs is the occasional power washing. This will help keep the tiny holes free of dirt and debris. If you live in a cold climate where sand is used to combat snow, you may need to power wash more often in order to keep the sand clear and the asphalt draining properly. In warm climates, moss or mold may grow and block the holes. You can tell it is time to power wash when the water does not drain through the asphalt. After power washing, sweep away the loose debris.

If you are ready to repave your driveway or parking lot and are interested in using porous asphalt, call Tucker Paving. We are highly skilled in using a variety of asphalts, including porous asphalt, so we can get your land paved the way you want.