Summer isn’t over in Central Florida, so if you work outdoors, make sure you know how to beat the heat and stay safe.

Although technically the beginning of autumn is just around the corner, here in Florida we can still expect a few more months of stifling heat. Here at Tucker Paving, we want to remind all those who work outdoors to take precautions to protect themselves from the heat. This also holds true if you work in an indoor space that gets hot, such as warehouses.

Beat the heat and stay safe with the following tips.

Stay Safe and Beat the Heat

  • Dress appropriately. Loose-fitting, lightweight, and light-colored clothing is your best bet for working in the heat. Cotton clothing is a good choice because it’s breathable and absorbs moisture well. Moisture-wicking clothing can help draw the sweat off of your body.
  • Get acclimated. Don’t try to be a hero! If you aren’t accustomed to working in the heat, build your way up to it. This also holds true if you have had some time off of work. To start, you should do about 50 percent of your normal workload and gradually work your way up to 100 percent over the next week. This gives your body a chance to adjust to the heat and activity.
  • Hydration is key. Make sure you have water on hand and drink some about every 15 to 20 minutes. Sports drinks, fruit drinks, and coconut water are good options, too. Avoid sodas, coffee, and alcohol. These beverages contain diuretics that can cause you to become more easily dehydrated.
  • Wear sunscreen. Even on overcast days, you need UV protection. This is especially true in Florida. The effects of UV rays are cumulative, so even if you aren’t getting burned out there, you are still increasing your risk of skin cancer.
  • Start early. The peak time for high temperatures is 3 to 6 p.m. Get as much done as you can as early as possible to avoid being out later in the day.
  • Take breaks. If you are feeling dizzy, cold, or disoriented, get out of the heat quickly. Retreat into the shade or an air-conditioned area and drink some water.

At Tucker Paving, we take the well-being of our workers seriously. We hope you do too, whether you are an employer or a worker affected by the heat. We understand that the work still needs to get done, regardless of the weather, but with a little extra preparation and planning, we can still work safely in the heat. Call Tucker Paving the next time you need groundwork done, whether it’s for a commercial project or residential. We’ll be happy to get the job done right – no matter what the weather is like!