In the world of organizational development and management — with organizations including businesses, of course — the value of having succinct vision and mission statements is stressed over and over again. Why? There are three basic reasons, according to the Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas:

  1. These statements can help your organization remain focused on what is really important.
  2. These statements provide for other individuals and organizations a snapshot view of what your group (business) is and what it wants to do.
  3. These statements help to bind together the organization’s members (managers and employees in the case of a business) in common purpose.

In addition to recommending that these statements be created with great care and thought — to get them right, from the very start — the experts on such things say they should be reviewed on a regular basis. This, they say, is just another helpful way to keep the organization’s wheels on the road, so to speak.

With 2015 just a few hours away from being history and with a fresh new 2016 on the horizon, this seems to be an appropriate time to review — and to share with the public again — the vision and mission of Tucker Paving, Inc.

Our Vision

Tucker Paving, Inc., will be the leading site work company in Central Florida.

Our Mission

Tucker Paving, Inc., will provide customers with the highest standard of service and quality in the site construction industry.

To all of our wonderful colleagues on Team Tucker and to everyone within reach of this website blog, have a very happy New Year!