The pandemic has had a big impact on many industries, and the construction industry is no exception. While the pandemic has exacerbated issues that the construction industry was already facing, like concerns with materials and labor, the long-lasting effects are likely to be felt by those looking to build or buy a home in Florida for the foreseeable future.

Supply Chain Concerns

Supply chain issues are affecting a number of industries all over the country, with the construction industry suffering from severe delays because supplies and materials are in such short supply. 

When supply can’t meet demand, prices go up. So, the home construction industry is dealing with both a scarcity of materials and materials prices that have soared well above pre-pandemic averages. Those in the industry are reporting that materials have been delayed for up to three months. Delays in materials from windows to concrete blocks and trusses mean that a construction project cannot move forward.

Those wanting to have a house custom-built are looking at double the time from start to finish due to issues with the delay in supplies and materials. For instance, for a home that would usually take six months to complete, homeowners are looking at a full year for the build to be completed. This has also led to a housing shortage as new homes construction has been delayed.

Labor Issues

The construction industry is also dealing with a shortage of skilled labor, but that issue predates the pandemic for many years. While a shortage of skilled labor is not a new issue for the construction industry, it certainly is not helping the supply chain and delay issues.


Construction industry experts advise those looking to build new construction to resign themselves to a delay. Other recommendations included choosing contractors with good relationships with suppliers and to choose materials and supplies that are in stock, rather than things that need to be special ordered.

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