Find out why the heat of summer is the best time for asphalt sealing.

The heat of Florida summers can be intense, but with 25 years of experience in the asphalt paving industry, Tucker Paving can tell you that summer is the best time for asphalt paving. While the heat may be intense, it’s necessary for the asphalt to cure properly. We stand by our services and our reputation, so it’s only natural that we are going to do every asphalt job right from start to finish.

Asphalt and the Summer Heat

In order for water-based asphalt sealing to cure properly, warm weather is required. The asphalt itself must be 40 degrees or warmer, and freezing temperatures cannot be in the forecast. Asphalt that freezes before being fully cured will be damaged. While freezing temperatures are rarely an issue in the Sunshine State, a little bit of heat goes a long way.

While water-based asphalt sealant is curing, the water in the sealant needs to evaporate. Warm weather—especially with a lot of sunshine—can speed up the curing process so that it takes less tie. When curing time is related to a business’s bottom line, such as for how long a business’s parking lot is closed to customers during curing, a short as possible curing time is important.

Other elements come into play as well, such as humidity, rainfall, and shade. High humidity makes it more difficult for the water in the sealant to evaporate, which extends drying time. Similarly, rainfall is also a problem, as it adds water back into the mix and prolongs curing times. Shady parts of the area to be paved will also take longer to cure.

There are a few options to help deal with high humidity or rainfall, such as curing blankets. However, the curing process must be completed before the area can be utilized again, especially by vehicles. Asphalt that may seem dry and cured to the hand may lift up under the weight of a vehicle and stick to the vehicle’s tires if it is not fully cured.

At Tucker Paving, we are experts at completing our paving jobs around Florida’s unique weather. Contact us today for your next asphalt sealing project online or by calling (863) 299-2262!