Most homeowners and even some business owners are also “weekend warriors” when it comes to Do-It-Yourself jobs, but there are some DIY jobs that are best left to the professionals. Tucker Paving has many years of experience and expertise in all aspects of site clearing, and we can tell you that it’s a job that you should let an expert handle. There are numerous dangers and challenges to clearing a site that a DIYer just won’t be prepared for.

The Challenges of Site Clearing

There are many factors that go into site clearing, and each of those factors can present challenges that require experience and expertise to overcome. Factors that can turn a DIY site clearing into disaster include:

  • Soil and Subsoil Conditions. Not all soil is created equal, and not all soils and subsoils are well-suited for your project. Experts know which soils need to be removed and what those soils need to be replaced with.
  • Anomalies in the Ground. The ground itself can also hold a lot of surprises, from the remnants of tree stumps and other plant matter and critter dens to sink holes and subsoils that are as hard as concrete. These anomalies can throw a wrench into site clearing plans at best, and at worst can lead to injury or worse.
  • Equipment. Most site clearing will require heavy equipment that can be dangerous if operated incorrectly and comes with a hefty price tag, even when rented. Experienced site clearers will already have the necessary excavators, backhoes, loaders, and more required, and they will have the knowledge to use them safely and correctly.
  • Underground Utilities. Some sites that look empty actually contain underground utilities such as electric, gas lines, and sewer lines. Professionals will know how to check for these utilities before digging to avoid the dangers.
  • Waste and Debris. Site clearing can generate waste, debris, and even trash which will require proper disposal; this can include dangerous chemicals or biohazardous materials, such as if a prior owner buried something rather than disposing of it properly. A professional will know the safe and legal way to dispose of all waste and debris.
  • Water Runoff and Grading. Clearing a site is followed by site preparation, which includes leveling and grading the land and planning for water runoff. Improper leveling and grading can lead to damaging flooding in the future; this can include flooding for neighbors of the property, which could create legal troubles.
  • Permits. Professionals will know the proper permits to apply for to safely and legally clear the land.

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