There’s an array of things that can go wrong with a sidewalk, and a sinking sidewalk is a common problem. Usually found along with cracks and broken slabs, a sinking or heaved sidewalk is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. A sinking or heaving sidewalk—heaving is where one end of the sidewalk is higher than normal, and another side is lower—will only get worse without intervention. Additionally, a sinking, cracked, or heaved sidewalk can be dangerous for pedestrians. In some instances, homeowners and business owners can be held liable for another’s injuries on a sidewalk that is in disrepair. With our 25-plus years of experience in concrete paving—including sidewalks—the Tucker Paving team has put together a list of what you need to know about your sinking or heaving sidewalk.

Sinking and Heaving Sidewalks

There are a few reasons why your sidewalks are sinking or heaving, and cracks could accompany many of these issues. Issues include:

Roots. Tree roots can extend underground two to three times as far as the branches grow outwards above ground. The closer a tree is to your sidewalk, the greater the chances the tree’s thick roots can grow under the sidewalk, causing the concrete to shift, heave, crack, and break. If tree roots are the cause of your sidewalk woes, you’ll need an arborist to determine if the roots can be cut and removed without killing the tree or if the entire tree needs to go, plus a concrete paver to replace the damaged sidewalk.

Water and Soil Erosion. Most problems with sidewalks sinking and heaving are caused by water eroding the soil from underneath the sidewalk. In essence, it’s a drainage issue. Rainwater is draining under your sidewalk, the soil under the sidewalk is being eroded away, and the sidewalk is sinking or heaving as a result. To fix this issue, a concrete paver with a lot of experience should be able to help you figure out your drainage issue.

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