Safety for our team members is our first priority on every jobsite at Tucker Paving. There are hazards within a jobsite and outside a work zone that must be mitigated to ensure the end of the workday sees all team members heading home to families and loved ones. We follow protocols and rules set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) to ensure our team members’ safety. 

Tucker Paving Safety Efforts
From falls to electric shock and the dangers of working near fast-moving vehicles and heavy machinery, work zones are full of dangers and hazards. We follow OSHA-mandated standards and then some to ensure the safety of our team members.

Measures We Take to Ensure Safety 

  • Applying traffic control principles to the work zone, such as lateral buffer zone margins, taper lengths, and closed off workspaces
  • The use of positive protective barriers to shield and protect team members from traffic vehicles
  • The use of other channelizing devices, such as barrels and traffic cones, to further separate the work zone from vehicle traffic
  • Use of sensors, handheld radios, and intrusion alarms to create alerts for when buffer zones are breached
  • The use of signs and signals to warn traffic of the presence of workers in the work zone and buffering measures, such as lane closures and reduced speeds
  • Use of flaggers with visibility devices, such as a flashing slow/stop paddle
  • Clean and properly maintain traffic control devices like signs and traffic cones to maintain their visibility and reflectivity
  • Increase efforts during nighttime work, such as reducing the space between channeling devices and increasing the size of devices
  • Use of personal protective equipment for all team members such as eye protective gear, protective headgear, dust masks, and more

The safety of our team members will always be the leading priority at any Tucker Paving jobsite. It’s a win-win situation for our employees and our clients. Contact us or call 863-299-2262 for your next asphalt or concrete project.