Road grading is an important component that goes into building a road, and it is one of the first considerations when designing a road.

Without this step, the longevity and integrity of a road can be quickly compromised. Explore the concept of road grading, why it’s done, and understand all of the planning and work that goes into building a road.

Why is it crucial?
Grading a road can refer to a number of construction undertakings. Broadly speaking, the term can refer to any earthwork effort to raise or lower the levels of land to create an adequate base for a road. Road grading might be undertaken to create a level base for a road, to build up a sub-grade or foundation for a road, to create a slope in a road, to add the surface of the finished road, or to direct surface drainage. Performed by heavy machinery like excavators or bulldozers at the onset and graders at the end, road grading can be performed at the beginning of a road construction project to its end.

The step is necessary on uneven or hilly terrain to create a stable, level base for a road. Variations in the terrain must be smoothed out to make the road drivable and easier to navigate. Without it, a road’s ups and downs would be unpleasant or dangerous to drive on. It also directs surface drainage to ensure water runs off the slope of the road and doesn’t create unnecessary erosion to the road or to the surrounding terrain. It also ensures the smoothness of a road’s surface that is so important for drivers.

Road grading ensures the longevity and integrity of a road by ensuring the road is properly designed to match the surrounding terrain, to handle the weight and frequency of traffic, and to withstand the elements. Without proper grading, a road may begin to deteriorate under heavy traffic, be unpleasant or unsafe to drive on due to line-of-sight or levelness issue, or eventually erode as a result of drainage issues.

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