Stormwater and sanitary systems are a vital component of any municipality, and repairs to these systems are critical.

Every city, town, and municipality has to deal with stormwater and sewage, and stormwater and sanitary systems are the most commonly used options for dealing with waste waters. At Tucker Paving, we offer maintenance and repair of the majority of sewer systems.

Some municipalities have combined sewers, where both stormwater runoff and sewage are transported to a treatment plant in the same pipe, and others have separate pipes for stormwater runoff and sewage, which is called a sanitary sewer system. Making repairs to stormwater and sanitary sewer systems is obviously an essential task, and the method of repair will depend on the style of sewer system and the types of pipes that have been utilized in the system.

Repair Options for Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer Systems

All types of sewer systems require repairs at times, whether it’s from the pipes sustaining damage of some sort, issues with infiltration and inflow into the system, or simply cracking or falling apart because of age. Repair options for stormwater and sanitary sewer systems include:

  • Excavation, removal, and replacement. This form of repair requires digging up the sewer pipes, removing the old pipes, and replacing them with new pipes. It’s the most disruptive and costly option of repair, especially if the sewer pipe lines run under roads or other paved areas that will require repaving once the sewer pipes have been replaced.
  • Pipe in a pipe method. With this method, an epoxy resin is pulled through the damaged pipes using a special unit so the epoxy coats the cracks or breaks in the pipes and cures, effectively sealing the damaged areas of the pipe.
  • Pipe bursting. A machine called an “expander head” is drawn through a sewer pipe and breaks it apart while the replacement pipe, usually made of PVC or ABS plastic, is drawn behind the expander head to take the place of the old pipe.

Stormwater and sanitary sewer system repairs are common and necessary tasks for any municipality, and they require a knowledgeable and skilled repair crew to perform repairs correctly and in a timely manner. At Tucker Paving, our team offers the skill and knowledge needed to repair sewer systems quickly and efficiently.