If a construction company has the means, almost everything that falls to the ground — or comes up from the ground — during demolition work can be recycled and repurposed. A growing priority for government and the private sector is to keep construction debris out of the landfills whenever possible.

Here at Tucker Paving, Inc., our recycling priorities and specialties revolve around concrete and asphalt. We recycle and reuse these materials because it makes good sense for business and certainly makes good sense for the environment.

Using a mobile “crusher,” we can turn demolished concrete and old asphalt into recycled aggregate. The crushing is done separately; we don’t mix the asphalt with the concrete. Concrete chunks that are too big to go through the crusher (such as old subsurface concrete drain pipes that are removed from the ground) first are broken into smaller pieces with a huge track hoe claw.

Crushed concrete can be used as a road base, saving the expense of having to purchase new road base material. Crush asphalt millings are used for parking lots and agricultural drives and driveways.

At Tucker Paving, we use the recycled aggregate we create in our own work, and we sell it to others. We also provide our concrete- and asphalt-recycling services to other companies and individuals, and we accept clean concrete and asphalt debris for recycling at a later time.

For details about Tucker Paving recycling services and sales, call Barret Tucker at 863-299-2262.