Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, take steps to prevent potholes in your asphalt paving.

Potholes are the scourge of motorists everywhere, but they can be prevented. Like all issues that arise in asphalt pavement, potholes can be prevented through proper and timely maintenance. By taking care of your asphalt, it can have a long lifespan of service. Explore the maintenance options that will prevent potholes in your asphalt paving.

Maintenance to Prevent Potholes
Potholes generally start out as small problems that grow into a larger issue—a pothole—over time. Regular maintenance of asphalt paving heads off problems before they can get bigger, and more expensive! Take the following steps to maintain asphalt paving and keep potholes at bay.

  1. Keep the Asphalt Clean. Dirt, debris, oil, and grease cause damage to asphalt, so keep it as clean as possible.
  2. Protect the Asphalt. Keeping water, oils and grease, weather, and sunlight from reaching the asphalt is the best way to protect the asphalt from oxidation and degradation. Applying a sealant every few years helps to keep sunlight, water, and other factors from damaging the asphalt. Sealing should also be done after any patching or repairs are done to the asphalt.
  3. Fix Small Problems. Checking your asphalt pavement for minor problems, like cracks and other damage that will let water in, on a regular schedule is important. That way, you can fix small issues before they can turn into bigger and more costly problems like potholes.
  4. Add a Layer of Protection. Some asphalt pavements see higher traffic or hold heavy machines and equipment. This can cause the asphalt to degrade at a much faster rate. Adding an asphalt overlay adds another layer of protection to the asphalt pavement, allowing the asphalt to last much longer than it would otherwise.

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