The preconstruction phase is an important one in any construction project. As the first step, the preconstruction phase lays the groundwork for the rest of the project, hashing out the who, what, and when of the project itself.

At Tucker Paving, our preconstruction team has over 20 years of combined experience!

At the end of the preconstruction phase, the client will have an in-depth understanding of the timeline, materials needed, and other details of the construction project. Explore the details of all that goes into the preconstruction phase.

Steps of the Preconstruction Phase

The first step of this phase would include a meeting between the client and the construction company. During this meeting, the client would share the details of what they want to be built, including information such as materials, a timeline, the end-use of the construction site, and more. The preconstruction company may or may not be the company that will do the project itself. The preconstruction phase determines the scope of the project for the client.

The next step is for the preconstruction company to visit the construction site and take measurements of the site to provide a complete, accurate, and detailed site construction proposal. The preconstruction company may formulate a design, either through a drawing, a digital design, or other representation, to share with the client to ensure they are on the same page.

Then the preconstruction company will get to crunching numbers and working with experts to create a step-by-step timeline plan for the construction project itself. Details that will go into the plan include materials needed, cost, the estimated time to complete each step, subcontractors needed, and more. This plan is basically a roadmap for the construction project that outlines how the project will be done and how much it will cost. Generally, the plan will include a responsibility matrix that outlines all the responsibilities of the project, and who is responsible for getting them done, including the tasks required of the client.

Lastly, the client and the preconstruction company meet again where the plan is laid out, the clients can ask questions, and any other details can be discussed. This is the point where the client decides to go forward with the project based on the plan delivered, and the construction phase can go forward.

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