When paving a new parking lot or a low-volume roadway, Tucker Paving recommends using
porous asphalt. The cost associated with this type of asphalt may be slightly higher than using a
non-porous alternative, but there are benefits associated with choosing a porous surface that can
outweigh the initial increased investment.
What Makes Porous Asphalt the Better Pavement
It’s no secret that Central Florida is prone to heavy rains throughout the year. This generally
necessitates the installation of corresponding stormwater drainage systems anytime a new paved
area is constructed. Porous asphalt can greatly decrease reliance on additional drainage support
for some types of paved areas.
Porous asphalt is produced in such a way that it is less dense and much more permeable than
conventional asphalt. It contains voids where conventional asphalt would have such voids filled
with very fine materials. This means that less material is used to produce porous asphalt,
lessening its environmental impact right at the point of production.
Tucker Paving has the experience and skill to install porous pavement on your site. Doing so will
greatly decrease stormwater runoff, as the permeable asphalt allows excess water to soak down
into the substrate. This process also filters large particulate matter from the runoff, helping to
decrease the amount of pollution that washes into our numerous lakes and canals in Polk County.
Porous asphalt can last for up to 20 years without showing signs of distress and is an excellent
choice for paving parking lots, playgrounds, sidewalks, and different types of roadways. As an
added incentive, there are often government programs that offer credits for utilizing this type of
green technology.
Tucker Paving Paves Porous Perfectly
No matter what type of surface you need to have paved, Tucker Paving has a solution that will be
cost-effective, durable, and offer as little environmental impact as possible. Don’t trust just
anyone with the land beneath your major projects – trust Tucker Paving to take care of your
paving needs to a tee!