There are many ways to avoid an auto accident, such as following the speed limit and putting your cell phone away, but human error is not the only factor at play in auto accidents. Poor pavement conditions have been found to also have a substantial impact on the occurrence and severity of car accidents. 

Poor Pavement Conditions and Auto Accidents

Most drivers are aware of the fact that weather conditions like rain, snow, and ice can increase the likelihood and seriousness of auto accidents, but few consider how the condition of the pavement itself can impact auto accidents.

Many studies have shown that pavement deterioration and defects can cause skidding, driving off the road, and improper maneuvering, which can all lead to a car accident. Pavement deterioration can be caused by harsh weather conditions, heavy traffic, poor pavement maintenance, defective pavement, and more. 

Some of the most common poor pavement conditions that increase the chances of an auto accident include:

Rutting. Rutting is where a depression or groove—or a series of them—have been worn into a roadway. Rutting can cause uneven tire contact with the road, increase jarring and bumping, and create a danger when drivers swerve to avoid ruts or swerve from being surprised by them. Studies have found that the deeper the rut depth, the greater the increase in accident rates.

Poor Pavement Surface Friction. When a pavement’s texture is poor, it creates a slick roadway that can be dangerous, especially in wet conditions. Tires have less grip on a pavement with poor texture, leading to hydroplaning and skidding due to unsafe braking distances, which can both cause an accident. As a pavement’s texture goes up, the rate of accidents goes down.

Poor pavement conditions also increase the likelihood that an auto accident will include more than one or two vehicles, and it also increases the rate of severity of an accident. The best option is to keep roadway pavement in good repair.

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