Permeable pavement has a number of benefits, such as reducing runoff, keeping pollutants out of stormwater drains, and more—but it is not without its drawbacks. Permeable pavement, also called porous pavement, is any kind of pavement that allows rainwater to permeate through the pavement rather than running off. It can be made of concrete, asphalt, pavers, and more. If you’re considering permeable pavement for your next paving project, consider the drawbacks as well as the advantages before committing.

The Drawbacks of Permeable Pavement 

The drawbacks of permeable pavement are not deal-breakers, but they do need to be considered when planning your pavement project. Permeable pavements drawbacks include:

  1. It’s not as strong as normal pavement. Permeable pavement is best suited to low-traffic Projects like driveways, patios, and walkways. It cannot handle heavy vehicles or high volumes of traffic. Because permeable pavement is not as strong as normal pavement, it is not a good pavement option for heavy-traffic areas like roads, highways, and parking lots that see a lot of heavy traffic.
  2. It needs to be installed by a professional. There are some pavement projects that can easily be a DIY project, but permeable pavement is not one of them. There is a lot of work that needs to go into the base and subbase, and it requires special equipment. Even some asphalt paving companies may not offer it as an option.
  3. It’s not suitable for all soil types. Permeable pavement allows rainwater to pass through it into the ground underneath. If the soil underneath is not a permeable soil, such as soil with a high clay content, then the water will virtually have nowhere to go. This can lead to all kinds of issues.
  4. Permeable pavement requires more maintenance. Soil and debris can get down in the small crevices in permeable pavement over time, essentially clogging the pavement’s ability to allow water through. Debris needs to be removed periodically, such as once a year.

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