Here at Tucker Paving, we believe in the future, and to us that means committing to practices and products that preserve our natural resources and environment whenever possible. That’s why we support the use of permeable pavement where appropriate, especially in areas such as Central Florida that are prone to frequent, heavy rains. 

What Makes Permeable Pavement Preferable 

Permeable pavement is any type of pavement that allows rainwater and runoff to seep down into the ground beneath, instead of simply running along the pavement to be captured in gutters and storm drains. If you’re wondering if this is really beneficial for the environment, we at Tucker Paving assure you that it is! 

First, by preventing the water from traveling along pavement and gutters to storm drains, it does not have a chance to pick up dirt, debris, trash, and chemicals from roads and lawns. All that garbage ends up being washed into our precious lakes and rivers. Permeable pavement allows that rainwater to just seep straight down into the ground with minimal horizontal movement. This means less pollution being swept into local bodies of water, plus a reduced burden on sewer systems.

As the water is absorbed through the stratified layers of a permeable pavement system, oil and grease gets broken down by microorganisms that are present in different layers, further reducing the amount of pollution present in our waterways and environment. Where does the water ultimately end up? Back in our underground aquifers, where we need it to be. 

Asphalt is notorious for being a major factor in the urban heat island effect. Permeable pavement effectively cools the ground and actually helps improve the air quality of urban areas. Not only is this good in itself, but it also reduces the residents’ need to rely on air conditioning to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors. 

Go Green with Permeable Pavement

Permeable pavement is a great option for parking lots, driveways, and certain roadways. If you want to know if permeable pavement is suitable for your project, just give Tucker Paving a call!