They say that “home is where the heart is” and that “the heart wants what the heart wants,” and Tucker Paving’s nearly 30 years of experience in the concrete and asphalt paving industry has taught us that what the heart wants is a home that has both form and function—we want a living space that meets our needs and looks good. One of the best ways to achieve that perfect marriage of form and function in your property is through paving; an added bonus is it increases the value of your property as well! Listen to the experts at Tucker Paving show you all the ways that paving can up the curb appeal, add value, and improve the functionality of your home.

Adding Value Through Paving

The are many different ways to add value through paving to your home, and they all have a pay-off if you’re looking to increase the dollar amount that your home is worth. Estimates maintain that correct paving can increase a home’s value by 9% to 30% over the cost of the project. Paving options that add home value and comfort value include:

Driveways. Whether you choose concrete or asphalt, a paved driveway adds instant curb appeal and value to your home. Paved driveways are desirable because, in addition to looking good, they hold up to the elements over gravel or dirt, they’re easy to clean, and the maintenance is straightforward.

Patios. Whether you call it a lanai, covered porch, sunroom, screen room, or simply a patio, having a paved area outdoors expands the usable square footage of your home. Having a paved area gives you a level, clean area to grill, dine, sunbathe, sit around a firepit, relax and more.

Walkways. Florida’s grassy areas of your lawn can host fire ants, spiders, bees and wasps, and more. A paved walkway gives you a creepy-crawly-free space to walk around your property.

Pool Deck. If you’re blessed enough to have a pool in The Sunshine State, then you’ll want a nice, paved area around it to keep dirt and debris from being transferred to the water and to offer sure footing.