Potholes in any asphalt pavement are a danger and an eyesore, and they are usually a symptom of a larger problem. The number one thing to know about potholes is that they should be dealt with as soon as possible. A pothole will not mend itself or go away. Helped by the elements and traffic, a pothole will always get bigger and deeper as time goes on, and the repairs will always be more extensive and more costly the longer you wait. Never ignore a pothole!

The best option is to have a professional paving company like Tucker Paving to inspect your asphalt pavement and assess the potholes and other damage for the best, longest-lasting repair options. However, there is another option if a paving company cannot come out in a timely manner or the repairs cannot be done immediately.

Cold Patch Asphalt
Another option for dealing with potholes, at least temporarily, is a cold asphalt patch or filler. This option does not require the high temperatures or expensive equipment of hot asphalt. Benefits of using a cold asphalt filler include getting the pothole repaired temporarily so it does not get worse, the job is simple and straight-forward enough that most DIYers are able to comfortably complete it, and the cost of a full repair job can be deferred to a later date.

Generally, you’ll want to square a pothole before patching it, which means chiseling away any cracking or crumbling asphalt until you have a square to fill in rather than a circle. This can be done with an asphalt saw or a hammer and chisel.

Next, remove any debris or plant matter. Add a mixture of course gravel and sand, or even broken asphalt pieces, into the square hole until it is an inch away from the top of the existing asphalt pavement, tamping it down as you go.

Then, add in the cold asphalt filler, tamping down each layer, until it is slightly overfilling the hole. It is best to then tamp it down with a vibrating plate, though a metal tamper or lawn roller will work as well. Lastly, after the appropriate curing time, add a layer of seal coat over the repaired patch of asphalt.

Most cold-filled asphalt potholes are temporary fixes and should be looked at by a professional asphalt paver like Tucker Paving as soon as possible.

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