Ensure your parking lot is as safe as possible for customers by performing parking lot maintenance. 

Parking lots are the source of a number of accidents—some sources maintain as many as 20 percent of all accidents in the U.S. occur in parking lots. While most accidents and injuries that happen in parking lots are caused by distracted driving or walking, many accidents are due to unsafe conditions in the parking lot itself. Make sure you are taking the following steps to maintain your parking lot and keeping your customers safe.

Proper Parking Lot Maintenance

Make sure to perform the following parking lot maintenance to keep your parking lot safe for customers.

  1. Fix potholes, puddles, and other parking lot damage. Drivers will attempt to avoid potholes, standing water, and other damaged areas of the paving. More likely than not, this means customers will be driving into lanes of oncoming traffic, pedestrian areas, and close to signs and light poles in order to avoid the problem areas in the pavement. This increases the chances of an accident or hitting a pedestrian. Have those problem areas fixed as soon as possible.
  2. Update parking lot striping and signage. The lines of a parking lot—or striping—that denote parking spaces, pedestrian walkways, flow of traffic, and more will fade over time. Similarly, signage can fade or become damaged or missing, meaning that the rules of where vehicles are allowed to park and drive can be blurred. Have your parking lot’s striping and signage updated so the rules of the parking lot are clearly established.
  3. Consider speed bumps. Speed bumps cause drivers to slow down and pay attention, which will go a long way to making your parking lot safer for all customers.

Make sure to hire an experienced and reputable asphalt paving company to take care of all of your parking lot needs.

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