There are a lot of different industries that utilize PPE, or personal protective equipment, and PPC (personal protective clothing). That is a good thing, but what’s not so good is when the PPE or PPC doesn’t fit properly. It’s not as effective if it doesn’t fit right. Unfortunately, that’s an issue when it comes to women’s protective gear in industries that have been historically dominated by men. The team at Tucker Paving is committed to the safety of every one of our employees and clients, so we want to emphasize the importance of having gear that fits women properly.

Protecting Everyone

Women working in construction and related trades are far more common than in previous decades. It’s time for these industries to catch up with the times and ensure that women are given the same protection their male counterparts are given. 

Obviously, no two bodies are identical, but there are major differences in the general body types of men versus women. Consigning women to wearing PPE or PPC designed for men is putting them at greater risk of injury, and at Tucker Paving, that is simply unacceptable. PPE needs to fit the way it was designed to fit in order to actually provide the intended protection. Gear that is uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or damaged should be returned and reported to the employer immediately and a suitable replacement requested.

When shopping for PPE and PPC, keep in mind that one-size-fits-all generally won’t. A range of sizes for both men and women should be available to employees, allowing everyone to find the protective gear that fits them best. Fortunately, there are more companies than ever before supplying protective clothing and equipment that is properly sized for women, so there should be no trouble in locating a distributor of such items.

Keeping Everyone Safe

At Tucker Paving, safety is our top priority on every job. We think that’s how it should be on every jobsite. And part of keeping everyone safe means supplying the right size PPE and PPC for every type of body.