Asphalt pavement is all around us as it is a versatile paving material that is suited to a wide array of applications. At Tucker Paving, Inc., we know that, from roads to airport runways and racetracks to parking lots, asphalt pavement can be formulated for any load and customized to fulfill a variety of needs. There are six different types of asphalt pavement, each with its own benefits.

Types of Asphalt Pavement

Stone-matrix asphalt. This asphalt was developed in Germany and has been used in the U.S. since the 1990s. It features a stable stone-on-stone frame held together with a combination of asphalt cement, stabilizing agents, and asphalt modifiers. Usually used for highways and in states that see heavy traffic, stone-matrix asphalt features durability, rutting resistance, and reduced traffic noise.

Perpetual pavement. This pavement is made with multiple layers of different kinds of asphalts. It offers durability when properly installed and maintained, increased road safety, a smooth ride, rutting resistance, and a fast and relatively inexpensive installation and/or replacement process.

Porous asphalt. Generally used for parking lots, this asphalt features a porous asphalt top layer that allows water to pass through to a stone recharge bed and into the soil.

Quiet Pavement. This asphalt pavement type, which includes stone-matrix asphalt (SMA) or open-graded friction course (OGFC) mix, is formulated to reduce road noise on highways, interstates, and other roadways.

Warm-Mix Asphalt. Similar to hot-mix asphalt pavement, warm-mix asphalt is produced at temperatures that are 50 to 100 degrees lower, saving on fuel costs and reducing greenhouse gas production. It also offers benefits like an extended paving season, superior pavement compaction, and higher recyclable rates.

Thin Overlays. A recently developed asphalt overlay, thin overlays are applied over existing pavement structures that are still in serviceable shape. Thin overlays have multiple benefits, including a reduction in life-cycle pavement costs, pavement preservation, improved ride quality, noise level reduction, and maintenance of surface pavement geometrics.

Tucker Paving, Inc. offers an array of asphalt-related services to best serve our clients. Contact us today if you are in need of a skilled and experienced company offering resurfacing and design solutions including asphalt maintenance and repair services.