No one likes accidents. No one likes accidents on the job. At Tucker Paving Inc., we make it our number one priority to keep our work sites safe and our employees — and anyone else who happens to be in the area – out of harm’s way.
Safety in construction begins with thorough employee training and by following best practices in whatever kind of work is being done. However, even with the best instruction, the greatest care during work, and the most cautionary handling of often-dangerous machinery, accidents do happen. When they do, the next best thing is knowing how to handle them and how to provide immediate care to anyone who might be injured.
This is why Tucker Paving employees are trained and certified in first aid and CPR. This instruction is part of our construction compliance requirements, but even if it were not required, we still would have our employees trained in emergency and life-sustaining procedures. In fact, we recommend this kind of training for workers in any type of business — not just construction — because you just never know when something threatening life or limb is going to happen.
Where does first aid and CPR training begin? Two good and handy starter resources are websites maintained by the American Red Cross ( and the National Safety Council ( The organizations have safety as their reason for being, and each offers steps to follow to get your employees prepared to handle the most common types of emergencies and personal injuries.
To quote the famous line from the once-popular “Hill Street Blues” television series, “Let’s be careful out there.”