Computer technology and software take a lot of the guesswork out of construction planning and execution, but as good as those tools are today, a company like Tucker Paving Inc. still requires experienced and skilled construction professionals to use them — to feed in good raw data and properly verify and apply what comes out.

In the preconstruction department, Team Tucker uses professional software and digitizing equipment to estimate volume, lineal, and area measurements so we can provide our customers with complete, detailed, and accurate site construction proposals and cost estimates.

Our highly capable five-member preconstruction team has more than 30 years’ worth of combined service with Tucker Paving — and even more years of combined construction experience. These are the folks who help to make sure that Tucker Paving is consistently reliable — from the start — with the information we supply customers and competitive in all the work we do:

  • Rick Allen, lead estimator; more than nine years of service
  • Ray Curtis, public works; more than five years of service
  • Travis Lanphar, estimator; more than five years of service
  • Shawn Signore, public works estimator; more than a year of service
  • Jeff Taylor, estimator; more than 10 years of service

The Tucker Paving management offers its thanks to Rick, Ray, Travis, Shawn, and Jeff. Each is a great asset to the company and a significant contributor to its overall success.

To learn more about Tucker Paving preconstruction services and the job-estimating process, email Rick Allen at