There are few industries that have as many potential safety hazards as the construction industry. Hazards such as falling, coming into contact with dangerous materials—like asbestos, for instance—and the misuse or malfunction of tools and equipment are just a few of the hazards construction workers face every day.

Some companies like Tucker Paving must deal with even more safety hazards, like working on or near traffic. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Observe these steps when a safety hazard is detected.

Steps to Dealing With Safety Hazards
The first step in dealing with a safety hazard is to stop work and bring it to the attention of supervisors.  While everyone has a role to play in keeping a site safe, the responsibility for the safety of those at a worksite ultimately rests with the general contractor.

At this point, work in the area must stop and the safety hazard must be eliminated. Work cannot resume until it is safe to do so. If the actions of a subcontractor are to blame, the subcontractor must stop or eliminate the hazard, or the general contractor has the right to remove the subcontractor or any worker causing a safety hazard.

If the safety hazard is being caused by a substance outside the scope of the job, such as asbestos that no one knew was present, or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), then the owner of the property is responsible for hiring a licensed company to eliminate or remove the hazards before construction workers resume working.

Lastly, if a safety hazard is brought to the attention of management or the owners and the situation is not resolved, a call to OSHA or a state agency approved by OSHA is in order. Employees who contact OSHA about a legitimate safety hazard are protected from retaliation under whistleblower protections.

The safety of our employees is our first priority at Tucker Paving. We have 25 years of experience in the asphalt and concrete paving industry, and we know that a job isn’t done right if safety isn’t a priority. Contact us at (863) 299-2262?or your next asphalt or concrete installation, maintenance, or repair project.