Let’s take a look at why construction companies are struggling to find workers lately.

Throughout the country, construction companies are struggling to find workers, despite the fact that there has been a recent uptick in projects. While the pandemic had a negative impact on this situation, the lack of workers has been a problem for at least a decade. Tucker Paving works closely with many local construction firms, and we’ve seen their struggles to keep their crews staffed. What’s causing this worker shortage?

It All Starts with Education
There was a time when vocational training was an option for high school students who didn’t plan to attend college. This type of education prepared youth for the working world by teaching them trade skills, like carpentry, automotive repair, and more. 

Over time, more emphasis was placed on the importance of going to college after high school. Classes like woodshop fell out of favor. The result of this shift is that we are now a society that does not value working with one’s hands the way we used to, and we consistently encourage our kids to pursue more academic career paths.

Now we are in a situation where there’s plenty of work and not enough workers. This is unfortunate for all of the young people who are missing out on a stable, lucrative career because of their misconceptions about trade industries.

Tucker Paving has a great deal of respect for education in all its forms, but we believe that it’s time to reconsider how we view the role of vocational training in schools. More students should be given the opportunity to develop trade skills. This would be a fantastic option for students who don’t want to go to college, plus it would provide a pipeline of new talent for construction and other trade industries.

From the Ground Up
It’s time to change the way we frame educational options for youth. Tucker Paving is an example of what can be achieved with a dedication to trade skills. For over 25 years, we’ve been providing Central Florida with high-quality paving services, and we proudly employ over 150 people, most of whom have built successful careers on trade skills.