SOME WORDS DON’T NEED embellishment. They include the comments of Patrick Braisted, our very own Tucker Paving executive vice president, about the highly commendable post-hurricane deeds of many company employees.

Patrick posted the following on our Facebook site on Sept. 13, two days after Hurricane Irma plowed a destructive path through Polk County:

“I have got to brag on our Tucker Paving, Concrete Construction Services, and Jet Materials team members. Yesterday we had all team members report to the office to assess damages to their homes and family. We had several in need from water, sick children, gas — all the way to complete flooding of homes. We as a company issued what items we had and rounded up what food we could get.

“This morning, we had several crew members arrive with items that they could spare from their personal possessions and hurricane supplies. Never once as a company did we ask our team to sacrifice for the ones in need. They did this out of the kindness of their heart and with the understanding that this is what a family does for family.

“It was one of those days that make everything in life worth it. So proud of each and every one of our team tonight.”

Tucker Paving on Facebook: