Safety should be the leading priority on every job site, and that means keeping safety in the forefront of workers’ minds. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to cut corners when under a deadline, to reduce costs, or when a problem arises. Many accidents that occur on job sites are behavior-based, rather than the failure of machinery or safety equipment, so ensuring that employees are always focused on safety first can cut down on the majority of safety incidents.

Keeping Safety a Priority for Workers
Safety protocols and procedures require employee adherence in order to work. If employees do not follow safety protocols or procedures for whatever reason, then accidents and injuries will occur. Steps employers can take to get employee buy-in to keep safety the leading priority include:

  • Create a safety culture. Safety should be discussed at every morning meeting, tool talk, and company-led employee gathering. 
  • Start a monthly safety initiative rewards program. Under such a program, employees nominate other employees for going above and beyond with verifiable details, such as a photo, and the nominated employee earns a reward, such as a $50 gift card. Rewards must be tangible and hold real value for employees; an Employee of the Month picture on a break room wall will not cut it.
  • Track near-misses. Companies should not be solely concerned when accidents and injuries occur; they should also take notice when near-misses occur. Employees should be encouraged to report near-misses with the understanding that they will not be in trouble for doing so.
  • Have supervisors, foremen, or superintendents accompany injured workers to get medical treatment. Those who are in the position of ensuring employees comply with safety protocols and procedures are much more likely to do so when they see the effects of injuries on crew members and their families.

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