At Tucker Paving, we stay informed about the latest trends in parking lots to ensure our clients receive superior service.

Parking lots are often viewed by American society as a necessary evil. No one really gets excited about them, but we certainly get upset when there isn’t sufficient parking available somewhere. Our automobiles get us where we are going, but they are stationary about 95% of the time, making parking lots a valuable commodity. At Tucker Paving, we’ve been keeping up with recent advances being made in lot design.

Parking Lots Are Changing
One of the biggest factors changing in parking lot design is their environmental impact. Each year we are becoming more aware of our effects on the land around us and learning more about lessening the negative impacts of construction. This holds true for innovations in design.

Porous asphalt parking lots are gaining in popularity because of the way they handle rainfall and runoff. Traditional designs involve allowing water to flow along the surface of the pavement into drainage ditches or basins. Porous asphalt lets the water sink into the ground, lessening the need for stormwater management while recharging aquifers and removing pollutants. It also improves skid resistance on the pavement and reduces the amount of water splashed onto other drivers and pedestrians.

Another innovation improving parking lot design is the use of warm-mix asphalt instead of hot mix asphalt. Warm mix asphalt runs 30 to 120 degrees cooler than traditional asphalt, reducing fuel consumption and production costs while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. It cools more slowly, which extends the times in which it can be placed.

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