There are many steps in the process of constructing a new building, roadway, or other encompassing space where everything from the ground up needs to be planned.

Preconstruction is one of the first steps, and it’s an important one to ensure that a construction project is useful and functional, well-designed, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, following local and state regulations, and is long-lasting. When you offer preconstruction assistance like we do at Tucker Paving, you know that the better the planning, the better the construction project’s end outcome. 

What is Preconstruction Assistance?

Preconstruction assistance is part of the typical construction project management. It refers to the planning, controlling, and coordinating a construction project, and there are a variety of levels of assistance. The concept arose out of construction cost estimating practices that were a part of the design-bid-build construction model, but preconstruction assistance can encompass estimating activities and a lot more.

This type of assistance can include feasibility studies, design development, cost-estimating, environmental impact estimation, local and state law considerations, material option comparisons, material estimations, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling, constructability reviews, design costs, permitting, land acquisition, and life-cycle costs.

Tucker Paving Offerings

Tucker Paving offers preconstruction assistance within the scope of paving, cement work, and resurfacing. Our staff that handles preconstruction considerations—including estimators and public work estimators—can offer our customers the expertise gained over 20 years of accumulated experience. We use professional software and digitizing equipment to offer the following assistance in order to provide a detailed, accurate, and complete construction proposal to our clients:

  • Estimating volume
  • Calculating lineal measurements
  • Calculating area measurements

If you are in need of preconstruction services for any of your paving, resurfacing, or repair projects, contact us at Tucker Paving today for assistance.