If you’ve ever had a sewer blockage, you know how aggravating it can be.

When you need sewer work done, you want a professional company that knows what it’s doing to take care of things. Drainage problems, blockages, and backups can be messy nightmares that cause serious damage to your property. There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to sewers, and we at Tucker Paving want you to be aware of these issues so you can take steps to prevent unnecessary damage from sewer issues.

What Can Go Wrong With Sewers?
There are a lot of different kinds of wastewater pipes in any home or business, so there are quite a few things that can go wrong in the sewer system. Tucker Paving has put together a list of some common complaints.

  • Tree roots in the pipes. If you have trees on your property, then your drainage system is at risk of root encroachment. This is the most common cause of clogged sewer lines. Root growth can be diminished with rodding and chemicals, but the only way to completely prevent or resolve a root infestation is to remove the tree or lay down a new sewer line.
  • Garbage disposals used improperly. You need to run cold water before disposing of food and for at least two minutes afterward. Plus, you should grind the food in small batches and avoid putting fibrous foods like banana peels or corn cobs in the disposal. 
  • Grease. It’s practically impossible to keep all grease out of waste lines, but it can be difficult to determine just how much grease is stopping up the line when a blockage occurs. A drain line packed with grease will just close pack up after rodding, requiring a more intensive solution, such as the use of preventative maintenance chemicals or the installation of a grease receptor.

Keeping the Lines Open
|These are just a few of the many problems that can arise from sewer lines. If you are having an issue with your waste or sanitary lines, you can call Tucker Paving for help. We maintain relationships with many highly qualified industry professionals and if we can’t handle the job for you, we can refer you to someone who can.